G-AOBO Rebuild

Nearly 8 years to restore from a box of bits to flight condition!

What was Bought 

The aircraft had been partly restored but given the time and conditions it had been kept in, a complete overhaul back to bare metal and wood was necessary. The engine went to Vintec for a complete overhaul and inclusion of the latest modifications. The rest was down to me with the help of my local Engineers, advice and help from Moth and Gypsy enthusiasts and the occasional visit from CAA inspectors.

For those interested in seeing the restoration pictures, they can be found under these headings:

Restoration - fuselage, wings, empennage,  other, rigging - details to come......

On the Move

Restoration was in a garage, (called a workshop), so we had to move things around! This necessitated making a trailer and using the Volvo's carrying ability to its fullest!  A good friend provided excess storage.

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