Engine and Fuel Controls

Sight Gauge off.jpg (32998 bytes) Sight Gauge off (left) and on (right) has been manufactured from original plans. This is part of the fuel system.  It measures the content of the pressure fuel tank.  You can see it fitted below. Sight Gauge on.jpg (35142 bytes)

Sight Gauge Fitted and closed.jpg (54468 bytes)

Sight Gauge fuel pipes.jpg (79263 bytes)

Sight Gauge Fitted and open.jpg (62429 bytes)

The wooden model for the 3 way valve and filter body can be seen here.  This is the first stage.  After many stages we get to wax models which are the used in lost wax casting. 

3 way valve 1.jpg (26175 bytes)

3 way valve 2.jpg (27341 bytes)

Fuel filter body 1.jpg (29509 bytes)

Fuel filter body 2.jpg (34504 bytes)

Instruments and Controls