Exchange Items

There are some original instruments and controls which we are still looking for.  We would be prepared to discuss exchange for some of our 'spare' originals.

Originals we are looking for include:
WW1 Tachometer
Jones Valve
Hand Air Pump
3/8 Three Way Fuel Selector
WW1 Fuel Filter (for Camel)
WW1 Instruments
Other WW1 Engine Controls


Short&Mason Alt r.jpg (32876 bytes)

CasellaASI r.jpg (40483 bytes)

WW1 items we have for exchange are shown here as an example of our stock.  We also have other instruments of different eras.  Please contact us if interested.  The contact is on the Links page.

Smith ASI r.jpg (38169 bytes)

Smith ASI 2 r.jpg (33275 bytes)


Sopwith Camel

Items for Sale