Original Parts


Air Compass Type 5/17

No 45600 H

Complete with compass adjusters and light housing


Air Speed Indicator Mark IVA 

Casella of London  No 1200 G Marked in miles per hour and shown in its turned wooden packing (as mounted on the instrument panel).

Watch mark V

30 hour




Altimeter mark IVA by Casella of London No.2301 G Marked upto 10,000 feet Shown in its turned wooden packing (as mounted on the instrument panel)

Pitot Head Mark V

Magneto Switch

The above air speed indicator, beautifully restored and calibrated, looking and operating as new.


as bought

eye view1 1028.jpg (334940 bytes) 

view through original Aldis sight 


Oil Tank

Vickers Machine Guns - made 25 years ago from original drawings, in metal but not operational. 

Engine                                                                 Rotherham Air Pump

Yes, this really is an original French built 1917 Le Clerget 9ba rotary engine which has never been fitted to an aircraft and only bench run.

The Rotherham Air Pump is used to pressurise the fuel system to around 2 psi.  Only the oil reservoir instruction plate and propeller fixing were missing.  The plate has been done. The standard pumps didn't have an oil reservoir.  This one does.

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