We are building from plans so sourcing accurate drawings is imperative and not easy - we have come across a number of inconsistencies.  Cross- referencing against museum aircraft is not necessarily helpful as many are replicas themselves and not necessarily built to 1917-18 specifications.



Sopwith Microfilm (subsequently digitised)

original documentation from other sources (not complete)


Windsock datafiles

World War 1 Aero magazines

Cross & Cockade, WW1 Aero Historians magazines

various books specific to the Camel or air warfare in WW1

Specialists and enthusiasts:

too many individuals to mention by name but you will see some on the various pages

Classique Aero Service (Patrick Siegwald) - the supervising engineer

Northern Aeroplane Workshops who are currently building a Sopwith Camel for the Shuttleworth Collection

Amicale Jean-Baptiste Salis (the aircraft collection at La Ferte Alais, near Paris)

If you have anything relevant we would be delighted to hear from you: