Rotherham Pump

The Rotherham Pump is used to pump fuel from the main tank to the gravity tank to supply the engine.  An original can be seen in the two photographs (left and right).  In the early Sopwith Camels it was fitted to the rear right cabane strut.  Later the pump was fitted to the undercarriage as this caused less strut stress and damage.  Pilots preferred the strut fitting as they could see if it was working and therefore if the fuel would continue flowing!  The pump propeller turns in the air flow which activates the pump to a pressure of 1.5 to 2.5 psi.

The following photographs show various stage so far in making the templates and castings so that we can make duplicates from our original.  The patterns and castings include extra material which is there to enable machining.



Cylinder Head (left) and Con Rod (right)