Spade Grip and Gun Triggers


The spade grip sits at the top of the stick.  It should be cast aluminium and covered with rubber.  The tubes are hollow and wired for the gun firing controls and the blip switch for the magnetos.  There is an external pattern for the outside and an internal pattern for the 'hollow' centre and then a box to sand cast the centre before casting the outer!  The honeycomb style rubber covering had to be made which required yet more patterns.

The gun triggers are aluminium.  There is one for each gun and they are 'handed' which means you have to make two.  They are fitted in the centre of the spade grip and connect to the guns by wires.  The wood patterns are shown below.  A block was made to form the concave thumb buttons.

Fin Spade grip 2.jpg (54598 bytes)

The aluminium castings have been made by Pump International Ltd.

All the metal castings and the rubber are available for sale via John Shaw.