Items for Sale

It is inevitable that you buy job lots as you build and have some bits and pieces left over. 

Some are listed below.  Please contact me if you are interested in anything.

Tiger Moth Windscreens - rear: 1 with broken glass at front & 1 side and another incomplete frame.

Tiger Moth Windscreen - front

Some new original glass available

Most now sold so enquire quickly if interested

We are currently sold out of AG4-10 magnetos with paperwork but we do have a pair of serviced magnetos which do not have release paperwork

Fuel pump assembly for a Gipsy Major

Tiger Moth aileron sprocket 26TT ref 6050

Tiger Moth tail skid support parts - talk to us about the parts available

Tiger Moth Joysticks


Our Camel castings are also for sale eg windscreens and air inlet Ts

See also the items we have which we would want to exchange for things we need for our Sopwith Camel.  Exchange Items